Quarry Duty Pulleys | Quarry Duty Drum & Wing Pulley

Quarry Duty Pulleys

Engineered for the roughest applications, rugged SKE Quarry Duty Pulleys are intended for use in applications where down time must be minimized. SKE provides Quarry Duty Drum & Wing Pulley.

Quarry Duty Drum Pulley

SKE Quarry Duty Drum conveyor pulleys are widely used in quarry for mining limestone, sand, etc.

• 12" to 60" Diameter.
• 1/2" Minimum Rim Thickness.
• 1.25" and Heavier End-Discs.
• 1/2" Center Plates.
• Full Depth Key Bushings.
• Rolled Rim, trimmed and hydraulically seated around end-discs.
• Several Hub/Bushing System Options.
• Double Sub-Arc Weldment.
• Crowned Face, Flat Face Available Upon Request.

Quarry Duty Wing Pulley

The Quarry Duty wing pulley is made for severe applications where wing folding and abrasion issues are a concern. It has a massive contact bar and thick wings. The Quarry Duty Wing resists wing folding by utilizing an end disc when necessary to keep wing heights ideal, short enough to resist folding, long enough to provide adequate rigidity. Ideally suited for harsh applications and for very abrasive conditions.

• Available in 10" thru 60" Diameter.
• Minimum 3/4" x 2" Contact Bars.
• Minimum 3/8" Thick Wings.
• Minimum 5/16" Gussets.
• Full Depth Keyed Bushings for Higher Clamping to Shaft.
• Unique End Pipe Design, Better Protection Against Wing Folding and Hub-Weld Fatigue.
• Several Hub/Bushing System Options.
• Crowned Face, Flat Face Available Upon Request.

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