• Belt Conveyor Return Idler Set
  • Belt Conveyor Return Idler Set
  • Belt Conveyor Return Idler Set
  • Belt Conveyor Return Idler Set
  • Belt Conveyor Return Idler Set

Belt Conveyor Return Idler Set

We conveyor return idler manufacturer and provide flat return idler, self aligning return idler, v return idler, and friction return idler for sale. You can contact us for quotation now.

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Return idlers are used to support the belt as it cycles around to be loaded again. Standard PPI Return Idlers are available with a steel roll and 2 drop brackets.  Return idler support the belt to prevent stretching, sagging, and failure.


1. Continuous Alignment – by always tracking the belt to the center of the conveyor, it reduces edge damage, spillage and overall better conveyor belt tracking performance.

2. Heavy-Duty – design of our trainer uses 3 7/16″ bearings, 1 3/4″ shaft, and an abrasive resistant hot-vulcanized rubber cover. Urethane covers are also available.

3. Patented Design – does not rely on the conveyor belt to activate an arm-type tracking mechanism. By utilizing an internal pivot versus external pivot it does NOT build up with carry back.

4. Reactionary – in both wet and dry conditions as seen in below ground and above ground mining all over the world.

5. Total Satisfaction Guarantee– to solve your conveyor belt tracking problems and make your overall conveyor system run more efficiently.

6. Idler – can be used for belts traveling in one or reverse direction.

Tech Datasheet

Belt Width: 400-2800mm

Trough angles: 0°-30°

Surface Treatment: Electrostatic Powder Coating, Galvanization.


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