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Sidewall Belts for Conveyor Belt Replacement

Sidewall Belts for Conveyor Belt Replacement

When you need to transport material at steeper angles than is possible with conventional conveyor belts, SKE Industries Sidewall belts are the way to go.

Corrugated Sidewall Belts are built with fabric or tension plies with monofilament, fiberglass or steel breaker cross rigid plies. Corrugated side walls and cleats are hot vulcanized to the belt, creating the strongest cleat and sidewall connections. SKE Industries also offers replaceable urethane cleat blades allowing them to maintain full carrying capacity for the life of the belt. Sidewall Belts increase splice service factor with our high strength low stretch cross rigid plies and reduce sidewall cracking using a special fiber loaded compound.

Sidewall Belt Types

Rugged tall cleats capable of handling high loads and steep to vertical angles.

These belts are good for transferring dusty, wet, or liquid materials horizontally. Fully sealed and durable design.

Durable effective cleat configuration. This design naturally centers the material and is a great option for inclined applications.

Sidewall Belt Specifications & Belt Modification Options

Belting Material Options • Black Standard High Abrasion Resistant (SBR) Rubber.
• Black Heat Resistant (HR) Rubber.
• Black Moderately Oil Resistant (MOR) And Super Oil Resistant (SOR) Rubber
• White FDA Rubber.
• Black Flame Retardant (FR) Rubber.
• Other Compounds Meeting Specific DIN Standards Available.
Cross-Rigid Ply Options • Mono-filament Cross Rigid Ply.
• Fiberglass Cross Rigid Ply.
• Steel Breaker Cross Rigid Ply.
Cleat Material Options • Black Standard
• Black Oil Resistant
• Black High Heat Resistant
• Black Flame Retardant (FR)
• Black High Oil Resistant
• White Oil And Fat Resistant (FDA) Compounds
Cleat Options • Straight "I" Cleats
• Scoop "C" Cleats
• Combination "S" Cleats
• HD Nub
• Steep Climb
• Smooth Top
Sidewall Height Options • 1" (25mm) up to 16" (400mm)
Conveyor Frame Configurations • Horizontal
• Incline
• Incline With Nose Over
• Curve Up With Incline
• Curve Up With Incline And Nose Over

Sidewall Belt Special Features

Several features make Metso Sidewall belts an economical and environmentally-friendly choice. They prevent spillage at steep angles, thereby reducing material waste. They are also very hardwearing, which reduces maintenance work and lengthens the time between replacements. Enabling conveying at steep angles, they save space on your site. And crucially, since conveying distances can be shortened, our Sidewall belts reduce energy consumption.

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