Coal Conveyor Magnetic Separator

Coal Conveyor Magnetic Separator

A belt magnet is critical in a materials handling operation where conveyors are used. If you need Coal Conveyor Magnetic Separator, you can send us your requirement.

The coal being conveyed gets mixed up with very tiny proportion of metal pieces (tramp metals), during mining and subsequent handling. The tramp metal can have bolts, nuts, nails, crowbars, screw drivers, spanners, liner pieces, etc. The mining and handling machines are mainly of iron / steel and therefore the major proportion of tramp metal is tramp iron which is magnetic. Very small proportion will be non-magnetic tramp metal.

A coal conveyor belt magnet is critical in a materials handling operation where conveyors are used. Contaminant tramp iron can cause serious damage to the conveyor belts and to other process equipment downstream. The capital cost of a magnet is usually easily justified by the replacement cost of damaged conveyor belting and crushing equipment.

Self-cleaning coal conveyor belt permanent magnetic separator made by high performance NdFeb rare earth, the machine consists of permanent magnet core, unloading iron belt, reducer motor, frame, driven rollers and other parts, used for variety of conveyor. Adsorb ferromagnetic material from a non-magnetic material. It has an automatic unloading iron device. The ferromagnetic material is automatically thrown by unloading iron belt device so as to achieve the purpose of the automatic unloading iron. The machine has a wide range of applications, energy saving, easy maintenance, the failure rate is very low, stable and reliable operation in extremely harsh environment.

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