Conveyor Rollers

Conveyor Rollers for Assembly Line and E-commerce Logistics

Conveyor rollers of roller conveyor is also part of SKE Conveyor's products. We supply conveyor roller for Assembly Line and E-commerce Logistics Warehouse. You can get rollers for your gravity roller conveyor and powered roller conveyor.

Download: SKE Conveyor Rollers Catalog

  • Motorized Conveyor Roller

    SKE Conveyor is pleased to be able to offer our own Motorised Conveyor Roller as part of our extensive component range.

  • Plastic Conveyor Rollers

    Our plastic conveyor rollers use high impact rigid PVC tubing and are a low cost alternative to stainless steel rollers.

  • Sprocketed Conveyor Roller

    Sprocketed conveyor rollers are ideally suited to either pallet or heavy duty conveyors. Get sprocketed conveyor rollers now.

  • Tapered Conveyor Roller

    Tapered conveyor rollers are suitable for conveyor bends and have a black plastic tapered sleeving to ensure orientation.

  • Grooved Conveyor Roller

    Our grooved conveyor rollers are grooved to suit varying diameters of round drive belts. Get grooved conveyor rollers now.

  • Gravity Conveyor Rollers

    Gravity conveyor rollers offer the most economical and simplest form of transporting loads form one point to another.

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