Conveyor Belt In Steel Plant

Conveyor Belt In Steel Plant

Applications:conveying coke, iron ore, sinter, pellets, slag, flux, etc in a steel plant;

Equipment Selection:in -plant belt conveyors, tripper car, stacking conveyors, heat-resistant belt conveyor, pipe conveyor system, etc;

System Service:We provide conveyor belt system designing, manufacturing services, and installation guide for steel plant.

What is a steel plant factory?

A steel plant factory is a place to manufacture steel from raw material(coke, iron ore, sinter, pellets, flux, etc). In order to ensure the continuous work of the steel plant, we have to use belt conveyor machine to connect each machine of the steelworks. SKE provide conveyor belt in steel plant.

What belt conveyors are used in a steel plant?

The conveyor belt system of steel plant mainly includes coke stacking and reclaiming conveyor, fuel coal stacking and reclaiming conveyor, sinter stacking and reclaiming conveyor, pellets stacking and reclaiming conveyor, etc.

Types of Belt conveyor used in a steel factory:
1. Universal belt conveyor
2. Tripper car
3. Heat-resistant belt conveyor
4. pipe conveyor system
5. Corrugated sidewall belt conveyor(in sometimes)

The reliable conveyor belt machine supplier!

SKE is a reliable steel plant conveyor machine manufacturer in China. We can help our customer design, manufacturer, and install steel plant belt conveyor system. We not only supply conveyor machine but also conveyor rollers, conveyor pulley, and conveyor belt for steel plant.

If you want to set up a new steel plant or just need some rollers, pulleys, and conveyor belt, you can contact us directly.

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