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Thermal Power Plant Coal Fuel Conveyor System

  • Applications: Coal fuel unloading, stockpiling, crushing, screening, milling, conveying, batching, etc.
  • Conveyors: Stationary conveyor, Stacker Conveyor, Unloading Conveyor, Corrugated incline conveyor, etc.
  • Services: SKE provides thermal power plant coal fuel conveyor system design, equipment manufacturing, installation instruction, system maintenance, and worker training services.

What is the coal-fired coal conveying system of thermal power plants?

The coal-fired conveying system of a thermal power plant is a combination of equipment that completes the transportation and storage of coal. It includes the entire technological process from the time coal transport vehicles enter the site to unload coal, to transport qualified coal, such as the original coal hopper of the boiler house. Generally consists of four parts: unloading coal, loading coal, coal storage and coal blending. The coal-fired system must store enough coal and timely conveying the required coal to the boiler house.

What is the process of coal fuel conveying system in thermal power plant?

Coal unloading equipment ----> Coal receiving equipment -----> Coal yard and coal storage equipment and coal blending ---> Coal conveying equipment -----> Coal crushing, screening and pulverizing ---> Coal conveying lifting equipment ------> Original coal hopper of power plant boiler room. For coal-electricity integration projects, coal fuel may be directly transported to the near-ground stockyard of the power plant through ultra-long-distance belt conveyors.

What are the main parts of the coal-fired conveying system of thermal power plants?

Power plant unloading system: It is installed at the beginning of the entire coal fuel conveying system, and its main function is to complete the transportation of coal from coal mines or coal washing plants.

Coal feeding system of power plant: Coal feeding equipment is installed in the middle link, which is mainly used to complete the transportation, crushing, iron removal, screening, pulverization and load-bearing measurement of coal fuel.

Power plant coal storage system: It is the buffer link of the coal transportation system. Its main function is to adjust the coal supply and demand of this system.

Power plant coal blending system: The processed coal powder is mainly distributed into the filtered raw coal hopper according to the operation requirements through coal conveying lifting equipment.

How is the reclaiming of coal-fired stockpiling in thermal power plants carried out?

Coal delivered by truck : dumper unloading-> belt conveyor transportation-> stockyard or stock bin stacked by stacker;
Coal delivered by vessels: ship unloader unloading-> belt conveyor transportation-> coal storage yard or silo stacked by stacker
Reclaimer reclaim-> belt conveyor conveying-> coal bunker in power plant;

What are the equipment of coal-fired conveying systems in thermal power plants?

The delivery of coal fuel by power plants is done mechanically, and the advanced level of coal conveying equipment represents the level of the entire coal conveying system. Coal conveying system equipment mainly includes coal feeder (belt feeder, vibrating coal feeder, etc.), stacker, reclaimer, belt conveyor, plow unloader (or track mobile belt unloader) Trolley), electronic load-bearing belt conveyors, etc., vibrating screens, crushers, mills, iron removers, dust collectors, automatic sampling, power control systems, automatic change control systems, etc.

At present, power plant belt conveyors are mainly TD75. Due to terrain restrictions, large-inclination belt conveyors have also been used; with the continuous emergence of pit-mouth power stations, the demand for long-distance raw coal conveying is also increasing, and steel cord belt conveyors have also been used in thermal power plants.

SKE is a service provider of coal-fired conveyor system solutions for power plants! We are able to provide belt conveyor system solutions such as stacking, reclaiming, crushing, screening, and pulverizing, batching and lifting in the coal yard.

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