The Common Types of Bulk Materials Handling Equipment

The Common Types of Bulk Materials Handling Equipment

There are many types of bulk materials handling equipment, and they have their own rules. They can be used to transfer, stack, load and unload bulk materials.

The bulk materials handling equipment is mainly used to convey, stack, load and unload bulk materials like aggregate, coal, mineral ores, biomass, fertilizer, grains, etc. There are many types and they have their own rules.

For Materials Feeding

1. Wheel Loader: used to load truck and stack materials.
2. Mobile Hopper Feeder: often used to feed the next belt conveyor.
3. Belt Feeder: used in a feeding system and often work with hoppers.
4. Grizzly Vibrating Feeder and Screen: feed materials into processing machines.
5. Loading Chute: keep materials loaded on the right point.
6. Side Tripper Chain Feeder: accept materials from truck and feed materials to the next belt conveyor.
7. Gravity Fed Hopper: Feed a belt conveyor by the gravity of materials.

For Materials Transferring

1. Grasshopper Conveyor: mainly used to transfer bulk materials.
2. Pipe Conveyor: Transfer bulk materials in a closed operation system.
3. Overland Conveyor: Trans bulk material in a long distance(often more 500+m).
4. Universal Conveyor: Often Seen in a plant like crushing ans screening plant.

For Materials Stockpiling

1. Mobile Stacker: stockpiling bulk materials in stockyards of quarry, mine plant, aggregate plant, etc.
2. Telescopic Stacker: the same to mobile stacker, and has stronger stacking ability.
3. Over-pit Spreader: used in stockpiling of tailings.
4. Mobile Truck Unloaders: unload a truck and feed a belt or stack materials.
5. Grasshopper with Bridge Arrangement: a bulk materials stockpiling system. It consists of Bridge Conveyor and radial stacker with Telescopic Conveyor. It mainly used in large scale mining leaching plant.

For Materials Loading and Unloading

1. Mobile Truck Loader: used to load a truck with high efficiency.
2. Mobile Train Loader: used to load wagons of railcar with high efficiency.
3. Mobile ship loader Conveyor: used to load all types of bulk carrier in a port or inland terminal.

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