Mobile Link Conveyors for Bulk Materials Transferring

Mobile Link Conveyors for Bulk Materials Transferring

A mobile link conveyor system in quarries/mines along with typical crushing/ screening operations to remove the need for Trucks/ Wheel loaders.
The SKE Industries mobile link conveyors are designed to transfer bulk materials over large distance easily. They can be manual dragged and diesel propel. It can offer a flexible solution to help reduce the high running costs of dumper trucks.

What Are The Common Applications?

1. Link primary and secondary processing plant within a pit.
2. Link truck unloader or mobile hopper feeder to a ship loader.
3. Feeding a mobile ship loading conveyor system.
4. Link warehouse to port for ship loading loading or unloading.

Why to Choose Link Conveyors?

1. Help reduce the double handling of bulk materials.
2. Adjust the discharging height to link multiple range of equipment.
3. Removing and reducing loading shovel movements reducing operating cost and cost per ton.
4. Its mobility offers optimum flexibility one site. Link conveyors can be moved off site or put into storage when not required.

The Common Selection of Link Conveyors

Length (m) Belt Width (mm) Capacity (t/h)
18 (60ft) 900-1500 0-3000
21 (70ft) 900-1500 0-3000
24 (80ft) 900-1500 0-3000
30 (100ft) 900-1500 0-3000
35 (115ft) 900-1500 0-3000
40 (130ft) 900-1500 0-3000

Common Configuration of Link Conveyors

01. Side Skirting length of conveyor
02. Belt Upgrades (Heavy Duty) / Chevron to suit material
03. Overhead Magnets
04. Sealed Feed-boot
05. Galvanized Dust covers
06. Dust Suppression- Water Spray Bars
07. Square to Round Head Chute
08. Radial - Manual or Hydraulic
09. Self Aligning Tracking Rollers
10. Power, Cables, Plugs, Sockets to interlink each unit
11. Integrated Dust Extraction Filters
12. Tracked bogie system (Diesel engine drive)
13. Ceramic Lagging on Drive Drum
14. Wheeled Dolly Unit

Conveyor Roller Diameter and Belt Speed and Belt Width Selection Radial Stacker Stockpiling Capability
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