What is the supporting structure of belt conveyor?

The supporting structure of belt conveyor is designed to hold conveyor sections firmly and in proper alignment. If it does not, for whatever reason, it is likely to have an effect on belt tracking. Support structure should be checked as a first step in belt tracking. Has a truck or loader run into the supporting structure and buckled it? Are the anchors firm?

Belt Conveyor sections are bolted to the supporting structure. They should be "square" and "horizontal" (side to side). If the section is "racked" it must be straightened. Measure diagonals across the frame. They should be equal. Repeat for total, assembled bed.

Belt Conveyor Supporting Structure

Conveyor bed sections (slider or roller) must be properly aligned with no vertical off-set between sections. A taut line should be stretched over the top surface of the bed and adjustments made so that all points are in contact. The entire bed (and each section) must be horizontal (across the width). If they are not, the belt will be pulled by gravity and will drift toward the low side unless a compensating force of some kind is exerted on the belt.

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