Crowned pulleys for Belt Conveyor

All pulleys, snub rollers, carrying idlers and return idlers must be square with the frame (perpendicular to belt center line), parallel to each other and level.

Squaring with the frame is a good preliminary adjustment. The final adjustment, however, requires that this squaring be done with the belt center line as the reference. All conveyor pulleys must be at right angles to the direction of belt travel (belt center line).

Crowned pulleys of belt conveyor should not exceed 1/8" per foot on the diameter, and should not exceed 118" total. The rate of crown seems to be very important as well as the total amount of crown in the system. Crowned pulleys are not recommended for high modulus bulk haulage belting. Steel Cord belting requires fully machined straight-faced pulleys throughout the system. If a crowned pulley is used on nylon, polyester or Aramid style belting, the crown is best placed in a low tension area such as the tail on a conventional head drive conveyor or in the take-up. The tracking forces that the crown exhibits do not affect high modulus bulk haulage belting because the system lacks enough tension to make the crown effective. If enough tension could be introduced into the belt to force the belt to conform to the crown, the belt would be subjected to excessive tension resulting in splice and carcass failure.

Note: before enough tension could be applied to the system to cause splice and belt failure, the bearings, shafts and possibly the pulleys in the system would be compromised.

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