Conveyor steel cord belt broken and tear protection device

In order to ensure the normal operation of the conveyor and avoid the long-term production stagnation caused by the fracture and tear of the conveyor belt, we need to install the conveyor belt broken and tear protection and monitoring device.

Conveyor belt broken and rip monitoring and protection device

Monitoring device for fracture protection of steel wire cord conveyor belt

Steel wire core rope belt conveyor is mainly used in long-distance conveyor, with one joint every 100m, and at least 40 joints for 2000 meters long steel wire rope core conveyor belt. If the joint quality of the conveyor belt is not high, the traction load and other factors may cause the belt to break or tear. In the actual operation, the conveyor steel cord belt breaking protection and monitoring device is mainly installed on the conveyor.

What are the protection measures for belt breaking?

1. Strengthen the quality and process management of the conveyor belt joint, and strictly follow the joint operation procedures;
2. Use NDT (non-destructive testing) technology for joint quality to ensure joint strength during traction operation;
3. Install the belt breaking protection monitoring device on the conveyor to reduce the possible accident hazards caused by belt breaking

Anti-tearing protection device of steel wire cord conveyor belt

Conveyor belt rip monitoring and protection device
Conveyor belt rip monitoring and protection device

What is the cause of the conveyor belt tear?

The steel wire cord conveyor belt, because of its weak transverse strength between the core and the steel wire, if the steel wire cord is stuck by sharp objects and continues to run in operation, it will cause the longitudinal split of the conveyor belt. The longitudinal tearing of conveyor belt will not only cause the loss of equipment, but also seriously affect the production progress.

How to prevent accidents caused by belt breakage?

The solution is to install longitudinal tear monitoring protection device at the loading point.

Anti-Tear protection device is composed of tear sensor and control box. The conveyor belt tearing sensor is usually installed in front of the feeder or under the upper conveyor belt a few meters from the loading point. DJS_BA-1 longitudinal tear protection device is commonly used in coal mining. The function of anti-tearing protection device is to control the belt conveyor to stop in time when the belt longitudinal tearing accident occurs, so as to prevent the tearing accident from expanding.

Another anti tearing protection device is composed of a winding hanging idler and a limit switch, which is installed in the idler of the loading point. When the conveyor belt is punctured and torn by a sharp tool, the conveyor belt idler changes its position by inserting the sharp tool of the conveyor belt, thus driving the limit switch to make the conveyor statistics.

At that time, the existing monitoring and protection device could stop the conveyor only when the sharp edge penetrated a certain depth. Therefore, more perfect longitudinal tear protection device is needed.

Conveyor Steel Cord Belt Rip Monitoring and Protection Device
​​​​​​​Conveyor Steel Cord Belt Rip Monitoring and Protection Device

Conveyor belt break and rip monitoring protection device supplier

SKE machinery is a service provider of belt bulk conveying system. Our conveying equipment can meet the conveying requirements of various breaking distances and long distances. We are able to provide each conveyor with monitoring and protection devices for belt breakage and tear, so as to meet the needs of safety production.

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