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SKE is a belt conveyor idler manufacturer in China. We provide all types of carrying idlers and return idlers for sale.

Smooth, effective conveyor idlers are crucial to uninterrupted operations at high-output mines. These conveyor components must be able to endure long periods of work under a heavy load. As your conveyor idler manufacturers, SKE Conveyors understands how to navigate design challenges and deliver the appropriate products.

Why should you choose our conveyor idlers?

We are one of top conveyor idlers manufacturers. By using high-quality materials sourced from trusted suppliers and industry-leading equipment, we can create components that deliver:

1. A prolonged service life – better materials exhibit fewer failures, reducing maintenance expenditures and speeding up workflows
2. Faster, more dependable operational – adhering to exacting component tolerances creates more effective idlers that present a low T.I.R. and less drag
3. Adaptable solutions – advanced manufacturing capabilities enable us to rebuild and improve existing systems with better components.

What types of conveyor idlers you can get?

As large conveyor idlers manufacturers, SKE has a vast selection of conveyor idlers, designed and built for the toughest jobs, that set the standard of excellence for bulk material handling. Our full line of conveyor idler (rollers) products, meet or exceed CEMA C, D, E specifications. We represent the highest quality idlers to assist our customers in helping make their plant/mine/facility to become more efficient, safe and productive.

You can get conveyor idlers:

1. Carrying Idlers,
2. Return Idlers,
3. Training Idlers,
4. Impact Idlers,
5. Rubber Disc Idlers,
6. others

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