2000t/h Ship Loading System of Public Filler in HK

SKE provided AAHK a new ship loading system of public filler in HK in 2018!

  • Location: Port of Tseung Kwan O, Hong Kong, China.
  • End User: AAHK (Airport Authority Hong Kong).
  • Equipment: Fixed/stationary belt ship loader system.
  • Applications: Barge/Ship Loading of public filler.
  • Raw Materials: Public filler produced from construction waste.
  • Tonnage: The Barge loading capacity is up to 2000 tph.

Public fill is mainly produced from construction, excavation, renovation, demolition and road works. It mainly comprises of rocks, concrete, asphalt, rubbles, bricks, stones and earth, and is able to be reused in reclamation and site formation. Hard materials can be recycled as aggregate for concrete/asphalt production or as granular for road sub-base and drainage layers etc.This ship loading system of public fill is used in loading sieved and recycled construction waste on board.

Introduction of this ship loader system of public fill

Item Number: CONTRACT NO.3206 Airport Authority Hong Kong—Main Reclmation Works

Contract operation: ZHEC_CCCC_CDC JV

Equipment & Technology: SKE worked as equipment and technical support supplier.

Project Location: Tseung Kwan O, Hong Kong.

Construction method: We are responsible for design, procurement of materials and supporting outsourced parts, inspection, manufacturing, assembly, testing, transportation, system installation and commissioning.

Construction requirements: The commissioning and delivery of the first line was completed in March 2018; Commissioning and delivery of the second and third lines were completed in August 2018.

Implementation Standards and Specifications: China Standards, British Standards and Hong Kong Standards.

2000t/h ship loading system of public filler in HK

What is the ship loading system of public filler like?

The sieving and ship loading conveying system works continuously for 24 hours. First, the public fill is screened through a vibrating feeder, and the stones, steel bars, and wood blocks larger than 300mm are screened out. The required size material is supplied to the vibrating screen for secondary screen through a belt conveyor with width 1200mm. The size bigger than 50mm are screened out, and then the finished products are transported to the barge via two belt conveyors with width 1400mm. The finished product is transported to Hong Kong Airport via barge.

2000t/h ship loading system of public filler in HK

What technical problems of this ship loader system have we solved?

The screening and ship loader conveying system handles the public filler produced from construction waste, and some construction waster has a large water content and a large mud content. Therefore, each link of the system, especially vibrating feeder, vibrating screen, conveyor receiving hopper, slip tubes, wear-resistant linings, etc, should not only meet the requirements for smooth conveying of materials during operation, but also meet the requirements for impact standard for all components, and also meet materials with large water content and high mud content, which the ship loading conveyors can smoothly convey the bulk material to ensure normal blanking and smooth transportation, and no sticking, blocking and accumulation.

The whole system must be equipped with complete safety protection devices and necessary safety protection facilities to ensure the safe operation of the equipment. The working status of the safety protection device of the screening and conveying equipment of each line can be realized by the centralized control station system on the site, and can also be manually operated at one side of the machine.

2000t/h ship loading system of public filler in HK 

What are the characteristics of this ship loading system of public fill?

1. Multi and high standards: This project implements multiple national and regional standards and specifications.

2. Strict environmental protection requirements: The conveying system of the project needs to be designed with dust collection, recovery system and dustproof system design.

3. Strict requirements for safety protection: In addition to the protection of rotating parts and pinch points conventionally required by belt conveyors, typhoon-proof design is required.

4. Strict safety protection requirements: The conveyor system needs to be equipped with deviation detector, belt slip detector, material flow detector, chute jam detector, anti-tear protection, rope switch, limit switch, position indicator switch, and the electrical design needs lightning protection & ground connecting, etc.

5. Third-party design review mechanism: including the calculation of embedded parts calculation, belt conveyor design calculation manual, control, communication and other drawings.

6. High requirement for less vibration, less noise, anti-corrosion, waterproof, anti-salt etc.

7. Steel structure flaw detection: The customer entrusts a third party to conduct steel structure flaw detection, and the quality of all inspection welds must meet the requirements stipulated by UK standards.

8. Conveying and metering function: Instantaneous flow and cumulative weight metering function and weight calibration device required;

What equipment do we have installed in this shiploader system?

Belt conveyor Specification for ship loading

Conveyor Items Port Loading Conveyor Specifications
Conveyor BC1 Belt width=1200mm; Belt Speed=1.6m/s; Conveying Capacity=800t/h; Belt Length=51m; Motor Power=55kw; Quantity=3sets;
Conveyor BC2 Belt width=1200mm; Belt Speed=1.6m/s; Conveying Capacity=800t/h; Belt Length=45.5m; Motor Power=55kw; Quantity=3sets;
Conveyor BC3 Belt width=1400mm; Belt Speed=2m/s; Conveying Capacity=1600t/h; Belt Length=39.3m; Motor Power=55kw; Quantity=3sets;
Conveyor BC4 Belt width=1200mm; Belt Speed=2m/s; Conveying Capacity=1600t/h; Belt Length=62.5m; Motor Power=90kw; Quantity=3sets;

Vibrating Feeder and Screen Specification for public fill screening

Sreening Plant Public Fill Screening Machines Specifications
Vibrating Feeder Feeding Capacity=;800t/h; Groove Size=6000x2400mm; Quantity=6sets; Motor Power=45kw;
Vibrating Screen Screening Capacity=800t/h; Screen Size=7000x3000mm; Quantity6sets=; Motor Power=2x45kw;

Vibrating Feeder and Screen Specification for public fill screening

What services have we supplied?

1. Design, manufacture, transportation, installation and commissioning of belt conveyors as well as steel structures and related technical services.

2. Design, manufacture, transportation, installation and commissioning of vibration feeders, unloading hoppers, unloading sheds and steel structures, and related technical services.

3. Design, manufacture, transportation, installation and commissioning of vibrating screen and steel structure and related technical services.

4. Manufacturing, transportation, installation and commissioning of steel structure berths and related technical services

5. Design, manufacture, transportation, installation and commissioning of each system and related technical services.

6. All the equipment is designed according to the requirements of the buyer including the selection of various components, the selection and arrangement of drive devices, etc.

7. All steel structures (components) supply and the protection and paint supply and painting;

8. The basic embedded parts of all equipment and facilities’ design and force calculation, not limited to embedded parts.

9. Relevant services during the approval process, including calculation manual and drawings submitted by ICE, the owner and the consultant during the design review process;

10. Supporting facilities of the system: vibrator, iron remover, metering device, vulcanization device, cleaner, electric control element and electric control system, wind protection chain, wind protection rod and other safety protection devices;

11. Design and supply of connectors between superstructure and foundation.

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