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Sand Conveyor System and Equipment

  • Applications: Sand conveying for manufacturing plant, stacking system, bin/silo plant, port barge loading, sand carrier railcar and truck loading, etc.
  • Conveyors: Mobile conveyor, Portable conveyor, Loader Conveyor System, etc.
  • Services: SKE provides sand conveyor system manufacturing and installation.

Sand conveyor is mainly used in sand conveying processing for sand making plant and sand storage management system. We can divide it into normal distance and long distance conveyor. Both of them can be applied for different operation environment. We usually take use of single or muti sand conveyor equipment to form a complete sand conveyor belt system. If you want to learn the sand conveyor system cost, please contact us now!

radial stacking sand conveyor
portable radial stacking sand conveyor

Normal distance sand conveyor

Because the length of sand belt conveyor is short, we often use it to link different machinery and work as belt feeder. You can learn them from the sand conveying system picture below. It can be fixed and portable. And the tracked sand conveyor are very popular for sand stacking processing in in-plant and open pit sand stockpiling plant.

Types of normal distance sand conveyor

1.SKE sand conveyor
2.DT series sand conveyor
3.Track-mounted portable sand stockpiling conveyor
4.Tracked radial telescopic sand stacking conveyor
5.Wheel-mounted stacking conveyor


1. Sand making plant link conveyor
2. Sand making plant stacking conveyor
3. Crushed stone feeder conveyor to feed next machines
4. Silo/bin sand storage conveyor
5. Sand port conveyor machine
6. Loading sand into railcar in railway station

sand port loading conveyor
sand port loading conveyor

Long distance sand conveyor

SKE Conveyor's long distance sand conveyor length can be up to tens of kilometers. It is very popular for large scale open-pit sand storage plant. You can use use our sand conveyor belting system to reclaim sand from several kilometers far away.

Types of long distance sand conveyor

1.DT series customized long distance conveyor
2.Long distance steel cord belt conveyor
3.Overland sand conveyor(for super large scale sand plant projects)


1.Conveying sand from sand processing plant to port/in-land terminal
2.Transporting sand from sand making plant to railway station
3.Moving sand to nearby sand stockpiling plant for preparation

sand stacking storage management
incline sand stacking storage management conveyor

You can get all types of sand conveyor from us!

Sand conveyor system can be simple or multiple. And sand conveyor system cost may have large difference. You can choose for your customized one and we will provide available price for you. SKE sand conveyors includes tracked sand conveyor, radial telescoping sand stockpiling conveyor, long distance sand conveyor, railcar loading conveyor, port sand loading conveyor, etc.

SKE provides sand conveyor for sand manufacturing plant, sand stack storage management system, sand bin/silo plant, sand port barge loading plant, sand carrier railcar and truck loader conveyor, etc.

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