Ways of Loading Coal On Ships Efficiently

Ways of Loading Coal On Ships Efficiently

SKE Industries is a mobile ship loader manufacturer and supplier in China. If you have this requirement of loading coal on ships, you can send me emails and to get a coal loading solution.

Sea freight is an important way of coal transportation. A coal carrier is a bulk carrier specially used for carrying bulk coal, it is a one-way transport ship. Before transporting, we need to load coal on ships.

How to load coal on ships?

There are many methods to load coal carriers. Ship loaders are the most widely used in coal loading port. The coal can come from stockyards, coal preparation plant, trucks, etc. There are several coal ship loading layout:

Methods1: Stockyards + Reclaimer + belt conveyor + Ship Loaders,
Methods2: Coal Preparation Plant+ Belt Conveyor + Ship Loaders,
Methods3: Truck + Mobile Belt Feeder + Mobile Ship Loaders,

What can we supply?

We can provide coal carriers loaders:

1. Fixed ship loading conveyor System,
2. Mobile ship loader Conveyor,
3. Mobile Belt Feeder for Coal,
4. Others.

We can help you design coal carriers loading system:

1. Coal Loading Port Consulting,
2. Coal Loading System Design,
3. Coal Loading Equipment Supplying,
4. Operation Workers Training,
5. Parts Supplying,
6. Others

Are you looking solutions for loading coal on ships? SKE Industries has may successfully projects of bulk carriers loading system. If you need any solutions from our company, you can send me your detail requirements about ports and raw materials.

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