Bulk Material Handling Equipment

Bulk Material Handling Equipment

Bulk material handling equipment can be a facility’s worst adversary or its most valuable asset. SKE provides bulk material handling equipment.

SKE is recognized as a the world leading technology brand when it comes to bulk material handling solutions, with a specific focus on high-capacity and/or complexity. Our solutions are designed to cater to your unique requirements and include all forms of conveying, stockyard & disposal facilities, loading & unloading equipment, as well as various port facilities. We are able to supply individual machines or completely integrated systems.

Benefits of Bulk Material Handling Equipment

Bulk material handling equipment can be a facility's worst adversary or its most valuable asset. The custom specifications of each unique facility, along with the properties of the material handled, make designing equipment specifically for its intended application essential. Through properly designed equipment, plant managers can often achieve the following benefits:

1. Enhanced flowability,
2. Optimized production line efficiency,
3. Greater output,
4. Better process control capabilities,
5. Reduced labor requirements,
6. Improved safety,
7. Decreased housekeeping,
8. Reduced downtime for troubleshooting and maintenance,
9. Promotion of equipment longevity.

Types of Bulk Material Handling Equipment

1. Belt Conveyor
2. Shuttle Belt Conveyor
3. Belt Feeder
4. Inclined Belt Conveyor
5. Tripper Conveyor
6. Mobile Conveyor
7. Mobile Ship Loaders
8. Stacking Conveyors

Belt conveyors complement machines used in mining and bulk material handling systems and are employed as the main component in material transport systems due to their 100% availability. 

Stackers are bulk stockpiling machines that are used to stack material in stockyards in different shapes according to specific requirements. A stacker’s function is to stack or pile material on to a stockpile for later reclamation and use - a reclaimer is generally used to reclaim or recover the stockpiled material.

Wagon and/or truck loading systems are often required within complex bulk handling systems. Wagon unloading systems often form part of complex bulk material handling systems. 

Mobile Ship Loaders are specifically designed machines that are used to effectively load a vessel continuously and are generally employed in all applications where medium to high flow rates are required.

Applications of Bulk Material Handling Equipment

SKE provides custom, heavy-duty bulk material handling equipment and systems for a variety of applications. Materials we commonly provide handling systems for include:

Aggregates & Sand Fly Ash
Aluminum Glass
Chemicals Gypsum & Synthetic Gypsum
Clay Iron Ore & Taconite Pellets
Coal & Coke Products Lime/Cement Kiln Dust
Copper Concentrates Limestone
Muck & Dewatered Scrubber Sludge Manure
Fertilizers & Soil Amendments Minerals and Ores
Phosphates Paper Pulp and Sludge
Sugar Solid Waste
Beet & Sugarcane Sawdust & Pulp & Wood chips

Aspects of Designing Bulk Material Handling Equipment

Designing a seamless bulk material handling system relies on several factors, which can be broken down into two categories: material characteristics and site/design specifications:

Material Characteristics

1. Bulk density,
2. Angle of repose,
3. Moisture content,
4. Particle size distribution (PSD),
5. Material temperature,
6. Material fragility,
7. Special requirements such as toxicity, potential for combustion, abrasivity or corrosiveness, and more.

Site and Design Specifications

1. Intended capacity,
2. Spatial constraints,
3. Necessary equipment height and length (conveyor rise and run),
4. Environmental factors such as ambient temperature, whether the equipment will be operated indoors or outdoors, proximity to coast, and more,
5. Requirements for accessories such as walkways, service platforms, belt skirts, and more.

Reliable Bulk Material Handling Equipment Manufacturer

SKE is a professional bulk material handling equipment manufacturer in China. We not only provide bulk material handling equipment but also supply complete handling system. All equipment is designed to the highest quality standard for rugged handling in demanding conditions. Our equipment has a well-earned reputation for longevity. SKE engineers each piece of equipment and complete handling system around the specific requirements and characteristics of the material to be handled.
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