Why should you need the regular maintenance of conveyor system?

The regular maintenance of conveyor belt system is very important, but the importance will be overlooked at times. Even from small operations to large scale system of bulk materials, it will happen. To keep a long life of conveyor system, the regular maintenance is needed.

Keeps conveyor in good condition

The regular maintenance can ensure your the whole conveyor system and its component wok in a good condition. Neglecting general maintenance will undoubtedly lead to preventable costs for replacements of worn and failing equipment.

Reduce the ware rating of conveyor system

There are many ways that can be applied to reduce the ware rate and extend its service life. For example, we can install conveyor skirting to both side of belt conveyor, and it will reduce the risk of damage to the belt caused by the embedded materials.

However, the regular maintenance should be paid a attention in order to ensure the efficiency of belt conveyor.

Why should you need the regular maintenance of conveyor system?

Recognize the potential problems of belt conveyor

Potential problems can cause costly and unexpected shutting down. The ongoing, regular, and thorough maintenance can help us solve this problem.

Small issues now can lead to bigger issues later on. For example, a small rock caught between rollers and belting causing belt wear, or a worn carbide scraper blade piercing through the belt and shredding the entire length of belting. SKE has seen circumstances where wrong lagging types on pulleys caused unnecessary belt wear, and potentially led to hundreds of thousands of additional and avoidable maintenance costs.

Increases the efficiency and optimization

Severe amount of carryback caught around pulley and scraper. Identifying issue can present new solutions, such as a more suitable scraper type.

On top of identifying potential problems, regular maintenance can also become an opportunity to identify areas that can be optimised for better efficiency.

If the conveyor system is clean and clear of obstruction, routine maintenance can identify areas that require improvement.

This can be anything from a product or product type upgrade (such as from a standard scraper shaft to a retractable shaft for easier maintenance), or switching to more suitable products based on trial and error.

Improves visibility of conveyor belt system

Regularly maintained systems free from dust, carryback, spillage and other obstructions will be easier to inspect for potential problems and hazards.

For example, lagging wear on a pulley can be easily spotted if the system is free from dust and carryback, ensuring the replacement of lagging can be done before the pulley shell becomes damaged.

A well-maintained conveyor system with good visibility is vital to preventing common issues, such as scraper blade wear.

Improves occupational health and safety

It goes without saying that a well-maintained conveyor operation will be less likely to pose occupational health and safety hazards for employees that work with or around the operation.

For example, dust pollution due to poor or a lack of material containing systems (such as conveyor skirting) can lead to poor visibility for workers. Poor visibility can lead to serious safety hazards and even death.

Staff who participate in routine and ongoing maintenance will be more accustomed to and experienced in identifying potential and existing problems, too.

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