What are the considerations to select conveyor belt?

Selection of the best conveyor belt construction, carcass and cover is based on the specific requirements of the particular conveyor system, the material being conveyed and the conditions under which it must operate, as well as its cost effectiveness. Some primary considerations involved are:

1. Maximum Operating Tension (Working Tension)
2. Minimum conveyor pulley Diameters
3. Troughability, Transverse Rigidity
4. Load Support
5. Transition Distance
6. Impact Rating
7. Conveyor Belt Covers
8. Cost per unit handled

If this belt is a replacement belt, an examination of the old belt and a thorough study of the conveyor system itself can payoff in longer belt life and reduced maintenance cost.

Questions, such as the following, should be raised:
1. How did the old belt fail?
2. How long did it last?
3. What type carcass? Cover gauge?
4. Have operating or environmental conditions changed?
5. In view of the past history, what changes in belting specifications are recommended?

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