Operation of Belt Conveyors in Coal Handling Plant

Various belt conveyors are provided for transporting the coal from Track hopper to Bunkers. In order to ensure the continuous and stable operation of the belt conveying system for coal handling, it is especially important to observe the rules of operation. The following precautions are to be taken before taking any conveyor into service.

1. There is no oil leakage at gearboxes / fluid couplings and the oil levels are correct.
2. The Discharge and Receiving chutes are free from jamming and choking.
3. The Flap Gates are in correct positions.
4. All inspection doors are in the closed position.
5. All pull-cords are reset and the EPB is released and ensure that all protections are healthy.
6. The Alarm Siren is in working order.
7. Communication facility is available.
8. The lighting is adequate.
9. No Permit To Work (Isolation) is pending against that conveyor.

Operation of Belt Conveyors in Coal Handling Plant
This is a coal handling plant belt conveyor system including coal silo and truck loader.

Every one should observe all the rules in a coal handling plant, and we can guarantee the durability of the entire conveyor system to the greatest extent possible.

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