How to Install Conveyor Belt?

The conveyor belt is the main part to drive materials on the surface. Here we will introduce how to install conveyor belt. You can learn it from this press.

Once the roll of belting has been transported to the point of installation it should be mounted on a suitable shaft for unrolling and threading onto the conveyor. Conveyor belting is normally rolled at the factory with the carrying side out. Consequently, in mounting the roll, the belt must lead off the top of the roll if it is being pulled onto the troughing or carrying idlers but off the bottom of the roll if it is being pulled onto the return idlers. The illustrations below represent suitable methods of mounting and stringing belt for each case.

How to Install Conveyor Belt

In some cases,such as in the mines where headroom does not permit maneuvering a roll,the belt may have to be pulled off the roll and reefed (above).Extreme care should be exercised to see that the loops have large bends to avoid kinking or placing undue strain on the belt. No weight should ever be placed on the belt when it is in this position. Another method of handling belting under such conditions is to lay the roll on a turntable with a vertical spindle.

Pull the new belt on by fastening it to the old belt and gently pulling it in place.

If this is the first belt install on the system, use a cable strung through the system and attach it to the belt with a clamp that distributes the tension of the pull through the width of the belt to avoid unequal stress.

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