How to care and maintain conveyor idlers?

Dirty or under-lubricated idlers can cause serious problems with your belt, as well as with your power costs.

Material buildup can move belts off line to damage edges and bearings can jam or freeze from material buildup. Jammed rollers drain system power and if the shells are scored badly enough, can damage the belt cover. Regular inspection and maintenance are essential.

Although you may maintain a schedule of lubricating idler bearings on a regular basis, it helps to check them periodically. Certain materials or environmental conditions may indicate that selected idlers may require more frequent attention. Even self-lubricating idlers should be inspected regularly.

Idlers should not be over-lubricated. If oil or grease fall on a belt that is not oil-resistant, the rubber will deteriorate and eventually not be able to protect the carcass.

Where bearing seals are over greased, dirt can mix with the grease and wear away the seal to damage bearings.

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