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Relationship Between Belt Speed, lump Size, and Belt Width

Very high speeds have meant a large increase in the volumes conveyed. Compared with the load in total there is a reduction in the weight of conveyed material per linear metre of belt conveyor and therefore there is a reduction in the costs of the structure in the troughing conveyor idler frames and in the belt itself.

The physical characteristics of the conveyed material is the determining factor in calculating the belt speed. Light material, that of cereal, or mineral dust or fines, allow high speeds to be employed. Screened or sifted material may allow conveyor belt speeds of over 8 m/s.

With the increase of material lump size, or its abrasiveness, or that of its specific weight, it is necessary to reduce the conveyor belt speed. It may be necessary to reduce conveyor speeds to a range in the order of 1.5/3.5 m/s to handle unbroken and unscreened rock of large lump size.

Lump Size(mm) Belt Width(mm) Max Speed(m/s)
uniform mixed A B C D
50 100 400 2.5 2.3 2 1.65
75 150 500
125 200 650 3 2.75 2.38 2
170 300 800 3.5 3.2 2.75 2.35
250 400 1000 4 3.65 3.15 2.65
350 500 1200
400 600 1400 4.5 4 3.5 3
450 650 1600
500 700 1800 5 4.5 3.5 3
550 750 2000
600 800 2200 6 5 4.5 4

Considering the factors that limit the maximum conveyor speed we may conclude:

When one considers the inclination of the belt leaving the load point: the greater the inclination, the increase in the amount of turbulence as the material rotates on the belt. This phenomena is a limiting factor in calculating the maximum belt speed in that its effect is to prematurely wear out the belt surface.

The repeated action of abrasion on the belt material, given by numerous loading onto a particular section of the belt under the load hopper, is directly proportional to the belt speed and inversely proportional to its length.

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