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Regular Mining Conveyor Belt Maintenance

The belts powering your mining conveyor are the weakest link in the system. Despite advancements in technology and a lifespan ranging from three to ten years, these belts require continuous maintenance. Weather, extreme temperatures, and abrasive materials can significantly shorten their lifespan and potentially cause catastrophic failures.

As the saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. We’ve created a mining conveyor belt maintenance checklist to help you identify minor problems before they escalate. Here are the daily, weekly, and monthly maintenance steps you need to ensure reliable belt performance.

For your convenience, we've also provided a downloadable checklist.

Regular Mining Conveyor Belt Maintenance


Perform a daily visual inspection of the entire conveyor system, checking for rocks, tears, lodged components, and foreign objects like bolts that may have fallen into the system and damaged the belt.

1. Check for Belt Mistracking

Ensure the belt runs straight by looking for:

2. Grease Roller Bearings

Daily greasing of roller bearings prevents locked rollers.

3. Check for Belt Slippage

4. Check for Material Carry-Back

Ensure materials discharge properly by inspecting:

5. Perform Scraper Maintenance


Depending on the size of your operation and usage, conduct the following inspections weekly or monthly:

1. Belt Slippage

2. Belt Mistracking

Clean and realign idlers and rollers regularly. Dirty, misaligned, or frozen idlers wear out belts quickly.

3. Material Carry-Back

Check for dust accumulation weekly. A dust containment system minimizes dust at transfer points and prevents carry-back.


Replace worn or malfunctioning equipment as needed to maintain system efficiency:

1. Scrapers

High-performance scrapers last longer. Replace malfunctioning or worn scrapers promptly.

2. Idlers and Rollers

Regularly inspect and replace idlers and rollers as needed.

3. Belt Repairs

Repair belt rips according to the manual. Avoid using mechanical fasteners as they are a temporary fix.

4. Dust Containment System

Repair or replace components of the dust containment system during inspections.

5. Lagging

Replace lagging every 3-5 years unless using ceramic, which lasts longer.

By following this maintenance guide, you can extend the lifespan of your mining conveyor belts, reduce downtime, and maintain optimal performance.

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