Dirt Conveyor System

Dirt Conveyor System

Applications: Transferring Dirt like soil, aggregate, sand, wet slurries, mud, etc.

Equipment Solutions: You can use our portable conveyor transferring dirt quickly.

System Service: We can provide belt conveyor machine for dirt conveying.

Dirt conveyors are used to convey dry soil, aggregate, sand, or gravel, even wet slurries, and mud. The dirt comes from narrow widths and short lengths spaces. Longer distances are easily covered by cascading from one conveyor onto the next. Cleats or buckets on the belt prevent material rollback.

A dirt conveyor will move more tons per hour than you could achieve with wheelbarrows and require a fraction of the labor. If you’re looking for a way to get a project finished faster, a dirt conveyor may be the tool you need.

Applications of Dirt Conveyor

1. Excavating pits, trenches, or basement spaces
2. Moving fertilizer or grain in and out of storage bins
3. Taking sand and gravel to locations lacking truck access

Component of Dirt Conveyor

A dirt conveyor can move from 25 to 50 tons per hour depending on belt width. Shorter conveyor lengths offer superior mobility, especially when mounted on a wheeled undercarriage. Reduce side spills with troughed conveyor belts or ask about side extensions.

1. Width and length required
2. Belt construction (including covers and cleats/buckets)
3. Drive system
4. Motor phase and voltage
5. Motor size and mounting location
6. Undercarriage

Accessories of Dirt Conveyor

Dirt conveyor accessories can improve productivity and safety while boosting the ROI of your dirt conveyor. Examples include:

1. Loading hoppers for dirt conveyor
2. Belt scrapers
3. Conveyor Guards
4. Dirt Conveyor Discharge Chutes
5. Tow hitches (for conveyors mounted on a wheeled undercarriage)

 In addition, with our years of belt conveyor manufacturing experience, we can accommodate requests for unique or unusual features that will increase the utility of your dirt conveyor.

Replacement of Dirt Conveyor

We provide a variety of conveyor system replacement parts. These parts enable your conveyor equipment to deliver the results you expect over a longer period of times.

1. Conveyor Backstop
2. Conveyor Bearings
3. Conveyor Belt
4. Conveyor Couplings
5. Dust Containment
6. Gear Boxes
7. Loading Section
8. Conveyor Driving Motor
9. Conveyor Pulley
10. Conveyor Shaft Mount Reducer
11. Belt Scrapers
12. Sheaves
13. Reducer Gearing
14. Conveyor Rollers

You can quickly turnaround on most parts of replacement for your equipment. If you have requirement of dirty conveyor, you can leave me your contact information. We will provide you a complete solutions for dirty handling.

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