Supplying environment-friendly belt conveyor system is SKE’s unchangeable goal!

In recent years, rules of protecting environment are getting tougher in natural river sand mining industry and we have to face the shortage of resources. More and more attention has been paid to the aggregate industry of machine-made sand.

As we all know, the mining and beneficiation process flow of the aggregate mine is very simple, and we all use physical method to process raw materials, which does not have a deep impact one the surrounding ecological environment like metal mining plant.

Supplying environment-friendly belt conveyor system is SKE’s unchangeable goal!

The main reason why the artificial sand industry has become the focus of attention and the focus of environment supervision is that the aggregate mines are basically open-pit, and the “damage” to the mountain is obvious. Although this kind of damage or influence is short-term, and can be effectively treated and repaired after the closure of the mine, there are still many doubts about the gravel aggregate mine.

Building green aggregate mine is undoubtedly the best choice to solve the problem of resource development and ecological protection. The Ministry of natural resources has promulgated the green mine construction specifications for nine industries including sand and stone aggregate, which will be officially implemented on October 1 this year, when the green mine construction in the sand and stone aggregate industry will be significantly accelerated.

Therefore, it is imperative to prevent dust and pollution in both the mining of sand and stone aggregate mines and the beneficiation production, and the requirements for the conveying system will be more and more strict. SKE will continuously improve the design of the conveyor and related supporting facilities, so that the conveying system designed and produced by our company can meet the requirements of environmental protection rules.

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