Belt Conveyor System for Zinc Slag Recycling Treatment Plant in China

Harmless treatment of zinc slag for recovering valuable metals by using conveyor system

  • End User:  Western Mining CO., ltd in Qinghai, China
  • Equipment:  Fixed belt conveyor, mobile reversible conveyor, corrugated inclined belt conveyor system
  • Applications: Recovering valuable metals from zinc slag
  • Raw Materials: Zinc tailings, Sulfur slag, quartz, etc. 
  • Tonnage: The conveyor system conveying capacity is more than 800t/d.

Introduction this zinc slag treatment conveyor system

he client mainly manufactures comprehensive electric furnace zinc powder zinc powders, blown zinc powders and other metal powders. This project was charged by SKE. And our jobs are to upgrade and transform the old conveyor system for the harmless treatment of zinc smelting tailing and the comprehensive recovery of valuable metals.

Introduction this zinc slag treatment conveyor system

Features of this zinc slag recovering disposal plant

1. Project in the area of high altitude : the rated parameters of all electrical equipment must be guaranteed to meet the requirements for application.

2. High equipment reliability requirements: 24 hours of continuous operation must be guaranteed, annual working day: 330 days.

3. Equipment diversification: There are three types of bulk material conveying equipment used in this project: fixed belt conveyors, mobile reversible conveyors, and corrugated flange (large inclined) belt conveyors.

4. Strict belt cleaning requirements: There are a variety of materials involved in the production and processing of non-ferrous metals, and the same belt conveyor needs to transport different materials, which has strict requirements for belt cleaning.

Features of this zinc slag recovering disposal plant

Harmless treatment plant running environment of zinc smelting tailing

1. Temperature: The average annual temperature is 4.9 ℃, the extreme maximum temperature (annual maximum temperature) is 38.7 ℃, and the extreme minimum temperature (annual minimum temperature)-31.7 ℃.

2. Earthquake intensity: 7 degrees

3. Altitude height: 2600 meters

4. Annual average relative humidity: 35%

The complexity bulk materials in zinc slag recovering plant

Raw Materials Zinc tailings Sulfur slag quartz Limestone Coal Returning Dust Cold material of fuming furnace Fuming slag Zinc dross Zinc oxide calcine
Bulk density
1.8 1.8 1.5 1.5 1 1.2 1.8 1.8 2 1.7
Particle size, -200mesh 20-30mm 20-30mm 20-30mm 20-30mm 1μm 20-30mm   2-10mm 3-5mm
Water content (%) 10 10 5 5 5 1 10 10% 10 10
Processing capacity (t/d) 287.88 45.45 17.64 15.61 57.79 50.92 31.56 175 6.72 77.76

Equipment used in harmless treatment conveyor system of zinc smelting tailing

Item Drawing No. Belt Width
Inclined Angle
Horizon Length (m) Inclined Height
BC-1 S-1  
16.15 126 23.4 22
BC-2 S-17 0 11 0  
BC-3 S-4 6.5 15 1.7
BC-4 S-5 0 16 0
BC-5 S-14 15.4 41 11.3
BC-6 S-15 0 5 0
BC-7 S-21 1000 45 24 15.8 22
BC-8 S-14 800 0 90 0 11
BC-9 S-3 500 32 38 4.8 11

BC1: Belt conveyor for mixture;
BC2 and BC5: Belt conveyor;
BC3: Belt conveyor for mixed pelletizing;
BC4 and BC6: Mobile belt conveyor;
BC7: High angle belt conveyor;
BC8: Batching belt conveyor;
BC9: High angle adhesive tape (inclination belt conveyor).

Equipment used in harmless treatment conveyor system of zinc smelting tailing

What services have we supplied?

We SKE charge for design, materials and relevant equipment purchasing;inspection,manufacturing,assembly,delivery test,transportation, system installation and commissioning.

SKE supplies the whole equipment system including conveyors structure, machinery, control and electrical system; We are in charge for conveyors’ design, manufacturing, inspection, painting,packing, transportation, installation, commissioning, and the technical instruction from installation to production, training, quality guarantee and after sales service etc.

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