• KY Wheel-Mounted Portable Conveyor
  • KY Wheel-Mounted Portable Conveyor
  • KY Wheel-Mounted Portable Conveyor
  • KY Wheel-Mounted Portable Conveyor
  • KY Wheel-Mounted Portable Conveyor

KY Wheel-Mounted Portable Conveyor

KY wheel-mounted conveyor is using wheel-mounted device as moving unit. It is recognized as one of the most cost-effective and efficient material storage methods in the market. SKE provides customized wheel-mounted portable conveyor for our customers.

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KY Wheel-mounted mobile conveyor can be moved freely according to the storage positions of the bulk handling plant. The tire moving mobile belt conveyor is a kind of engineering equipment. It is mainly used in occasions where locations of loading and reclaiming changing frequently, such as ports, docks, stations, coal yards, warehouses, construction sites, gravel yards, farms, etc.

  • 1. The whole wheel conveyor are controlled by the central electric controlling units, which realizes the automation of the equipment and avoids manual operation and saves human resources.
  • 2. We provide belt conveyor with different size for users to choose according to the requirements of the users’ conveying capacity. A guide chute and baffle, which avoids the materials failing off when feeding materials, can be installed at the near the tail of the conveyor. The design of this way is mostly used to convey some powdery or granular materials, such as grain, sand, mineral powder particles and so on.
  • 3. The tire mobile conveyor can also be used for the transportation of finished bagged goods. For example, the packed bagged grain is used in the truck loading processing plant to improves the loading efficiency and saves human resources.
  • 5. It can be made into a rotating platform. The advantage of this method is that the belt conveyor frame is designed and installed on a rotatable platform. The control box can be used to directly control the rotation of the frame to adjust and change the conveying. Location, without moving the whole equipment, has the advantages of high efficiency, convenience, and transportation without moving the whole machine.
  • 6. According to needs of customers, the wheel conveyor can also be designed with abilities of acid-resistant, alkali-resistant, corrosion resistant, wear-resistant, etc. And it can be convenient for chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Because of its convenient operation and high transportation efficiency, it has been widely used, and has become a highly-efficient transportation equipment welcomed by grain storage, mining, and factory industries.
Tech Datasheet
Item Model Optional configuration
Lenght(m) Max: 58 Fully automatic PLC control program Dustproof equipment  
Capacity(t/h) 100-3000 Replaceable tracked Telescopic dust cover  
Size(mm) 300 Integrated power generator Closed inlet and outlet  
Stacking Height(m) 20 Radio control system Conveyor telescopic device  

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