• KY Tracked Conveyor
  • KY Tracked Conveyor
  • KY Tracked Conveyor
  • KY Tracked Conveyor
  • KY Tracked Conveyor

KY Tracked Conveyor

KY Tracked conveyor is also called crawler conveyor or tracked portable conveyor. It is a new type of bulk materials handling system machine. SKE provides tracked belt conveyors for mine, quarry, port & terminal, thermal power plant, pulp making plant, sand & gravel & aggregate plant, etc.

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KY Tracked conveyors have a wide range of applications:

1. Conveying & stacking & reclaiming for gravel, sand, aggregate, mine crushed ores in open-pit space or silo;

2. Conveying & recycling construction waste, mud, tunneling mud, coal gangue, steel plant slag, mine tailings, ore slags;

3. Ship, truck, railway train loading and unloading processing;

4. Working as linked conveyors connected to other facilities to form a bulk material conveying system;

5. Other more applications, please contact with us.

  • Optimized structure, firm and practical composition

    The structure of the crawler-type portable belt conveyor is optimized by our engineers. The main beam profile adopts the reinforced structure design, which improves the bending resistance and is firmer; the conveying angle is larger.

  • Designed for large stacking requirement in different fields

    The tracked belt conveyor is designed to meet large capacity bulk materials handling solution. We can set up it in port, terminal, docker, quarry, wood chips plant, leaching plant, sand and aggregate plant, crushing plant, recycling plant etc.

  • Large conveying capacity and quicker transporting efficiency

    It eliminates the double processing of the material of the wheel loader stacker, and improves the material processing speed, and has a conveying capacity of 100-2500 tons per hour. You can convey bulk materials conveniently.

  • Less fuel consumption and large conveying material size

    Fuel consumption per hour of tracked conveyor is less than the wheel loader stackers. The conveying size of bulk materials can reach 300mm (almost 30cm). Saving running costs is a very important for bulk materials handling.

  • High safety running condition and environment benefits

    With high quality dust-proof (Conveyor covers) and noise-reduction facilities, our conveying system can meet the most stringent environmental protection rules. We can reduce the movement of people between different stations.

  • Saving spaces and large stacking are of stockpiling plant

    The length of tracked portable conveyor is between 15-31 meters, the stacking height can reach 15 meters. And the bulk handling plant can have a conical stacking capacity of 3,500 tons (2188 cubic meters). You may like this type conveyors.

Tech Datasheet
Items Models Optional configuration
Length(m) 15-31 All electric, electric belt drive Hardened steel liner Chevron belt
Conveying Capacity(t/h) 100-2500 Radio remote control Iron remover equipment Hydraulic tail folding
Size (mm) 300 Feed hopper Horizontal travelling device Belt telescopic device
Fuel Consumption (Fuel Drving) 80% reduction Chute, dust cover, water spray equipment Water-cooled driving engine  
Stacking Height(m) <14 Corrugated side-wall belt Heavy belt  
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