The Common Tracked Stockpiler Conveyors for Stacking Processing

The Common Tracked Stockpiler Conveyors for Stacking Processing

SKE Industries tracked stockpiler conveyor is a mobile conveyor. The tracked stockpiler conveyor can be used in stacking bulk materials like aggregate, sand, mud, fertilizer, coal, grain, etc. If you need tracked stockpiler conveyor, you can contact us no

As mobile crushers and screens constantly get larger with increased through-puts, transport restrictions have not allowed for their on board conveyors to increase in size and length to cope with higher tonnages. Track stockpiler conveyors fulfil this need by providing much larger stockpile capacity and at the same time improve plant mobility by removing material from the processing equipment.


The KTR Series Tracked Stockpiler (0-600t/h, Length 22.9m, discharging height 10.9m).

The KTB Series Tracked Stockpiler (0-500t/h, Length 20-30m, discharging height 9.4-13.1m).

The KTF Series Tracked Stockpiler (0-500t/h, Length 22.5m, discharging height 9.8m).

4. The KTL Series Tracked Stockpiler (0-500t/h, Length 22.6m, discharging height 9.8m).


The perfect solution for stockpiling and handling high volumes of material suitable for Agricultural, Composting, Demolition, Rail & Recycling Industries.


1. Belt widths up to 1000mm wide.
2. Its total length can be up to 30 meters.
3. Maximum throughout 600 tons per hour.
4. Suitable for general recyclables, aggregates and bulk material handling.

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