What Are The Types of Belt Conveyor Pulleys?

A belt conveyor pulley is a device which is used to change the direction of the belt and drive & tension the belt. It is an important part of belt conveyor. What are the types of belt conveyor pulley?

We can classify conveyor pulleys into drive pulley, tension pulley, motorized pulley, snub pulley, wing pulley and bend pulley. The surface of conveyor pulley can be smooth, rubber-coated and cast rubber.

Diamond Conveyor Pulley

Motorized Pulley

The electric pulley is a driving device that integrates the roller body and the transmission device, and at the same time plays the role of driving and changing the winding direction of the tape.

Ordinary Pulley

Drive Pulley

The driving pulley is the main component that transmits traction to the conveyor belt. The surface of drive pulley is often coated with chevron and diamond. Only enough friction between belt and pulley can drive the belt conveyor.

Ceramic Conveyor Pulley

Bend Pulley

The function of the bend pulley is to change the winding direction of the belt so that the belt forms a closed loop. The bend pulley can be used as the tail roller of the conveyor to form the tension roller of the tensioning device and cause the belt to be redirected at different angles.

Snub Pulley

It often works with a drive pulley and is used to enlarge the touching areas of belt and drive pulley. The snub pulley can increase the friction between belt and driving pulley.

Wing Pulley

Wing Pulley

The wing pulley can clear the material on the return belt.

Magnetic Pulley

The magnetic drum pulley is mainly used in the beneficiation production line. The magnetic force of the drum is used for the separation of magnetic ore or the removal of iron for coal burning, foundry sand, refractory materials and other industries.

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