Gravel and Aggregate Stacker

Gravel and Aggregate Stacker

Aggregate stacker is a type of equipment to stockpile aggregate. SKE provide gravel & aggregate stacker conveyor system for sale.

What is an aggregate stacker?

The aggregate stacker from SKE is a type stockpiling conveyor. It is designed to stockpile aggregate in aggregate crushing plant and aggregate stockyard of port, terminal, batching plant, mixer plant, concrete plant, etc.

What are types of aggregate stacker?

SKE is a professional aggregate stacker manufacturer. You can get aggregate stacker listed below from us.

1. Fixed Aggregate Stacking Conveyor;
2. tripper conveyor for Aggregate Stacking;
3. Radial Aggregate Stacker;

Fixed Aggregate Stacking Conveyor

Radial Aggregate Stacker

Tripper Conveyor System for Aggregate Stacking 

They all can be used in open pit stockyard and in-plant warehouse.

What can we supply?

1. Aggregate stacker design,
2. Aggregate stacker installation,
3. Worker training for stockpiling operation,
4. Replacement Component and Accessories Supplying.

Do you need a high efficiency aggregate stacker for stockpiling aggregate? You can send me your detail requirement. We will provide you a reasonable aggregate stacker system.

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