Overland Tripper Car for Storage and Leaching Plant

Overland Tripper Car for Storage and Leaching Plant

An overland tripper car is used in the mining industry to provide mobile stacking in storage piles or leach fields. It is widely used in stockyards and leaching plants (for extracting gold, copper, etc.).


Overland tripper cars allows mined material to be uniformly spread to variable heights to aid in the storage and leaching processes. It is a part of belt conveyor system in stockyards.

How It Works

A tripper car is a mobile conveyor that rides on rails. The cars move back and forth to allow mined material to be discharged uniformly into storage piles or leach fields. The overland tripper is mounted on tracks allowing free movement in all directions through the leach field or storage facility. It is a type of tracked conveyor with excellent mobility.

Tripper cars can be either remotely controlled or can be operated by an operator that travels with the tripper car as it distributes its material. A tripper car can be used on belt conveyors that are a few feet in length to belt conveyors that are measured in miles. Tripper cars have the ability to discharge material from end to end and also from side to side depending on the application.

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