Mine Duty Pulleys | Mine Duty Drum & Wing Pulley

Mine Duty Pulleys

SKE Mine Duty Pulleys exceed standards like CEMA for more demanding conveyor applications where impact loads are likely. You can get Mine Duty Drum Pulley and Wing Pulley Here.

Mine Duty Drum Pulley

SKE Mine Duty Drum pulleys incorporate heavier rims and end discs compared to Heavy Duty Pulleys. Suited for more demanding applications, such as frequent starts and stops with a loaded belt or where increased reliability is desired.

• 10" to 60" Diameter.
• 3/8" thru 1" Rim Thickness.
• 1", 1.25",and Heavier End-Discs.
• 3/8" Center Plates.
• Rolled Rim, trimmed and hydraulically seated around end-discs.
• Several Hub/Bushing System Options.
• Double Sub-Arc Weldment.
• Crowned Face, Flat Face Available Upon Request.

Mine Duty Wing Pulley

Demanding wing pulley applications call for SKE Mine Duty Wing pulleys. Mine Duty wing pulleys provide effective self-cleaning action reducing material build-up. The extra heavy duty construction reduces the possibility of metal fatigue and enhances the dependability of the pulley. Ideally suited for harsh application and abrasive conditions.

• Available in 8" thru 60" Diameter.
• Minimum 5/8" x 1-1/2" Contact Bars.
• Minimum 3/8" Thick Wings.
• Minimum 1/4" Gussets.
• Unique End Pipe Design, Better Protection Against Wing Folding and Hub-Weld Fatigue.
• Several Hub/Bushing System Options.
• Crowned Face, Flat Face Available Upon Request.

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