What is the bend pulley and snub pulley?

What is the bend pulley?

The bend pulley provides a convenient interface to the conveyor belt to provide rotary motion for the speed sensor. The Bend Pulley is used for changing the direction of the belt. The Bend Pulley is usually installed at the tail part or the vertical take-up equipment part when the belt direction need to 180°bending. It will be installed above the take-up equipment part while 90°bending.

What is the snub pulley?

Snub pulleys are conveying system components that are individually designed and manufactured in different sizes and for different conveying requirements. Snub pulleys are used to increase the wrap angle of the conveyor belt to reduce the pulling force of the belt.

What is the bend pulley and snub pulley?

What are the difference between bend pulley and snub pulley?

The bend pulley and snub pulley are the same. We classify it according to its function in conveyor belt. When we use it to change the direction of the belt, we can call it bend pulley. When we use it to increase the wrap angle, we can call it snub pulley.  On the drawing above, we can even see a group of drums whose goal is to tension the belt. This group is composed of 2 bend pulleys and 1 take up pulley. There are many other kinds of conveyors, some of them needing until 8 even 10 pulleys !

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