Heavy Duty Pulley | Heavy Duty Drum & Wing Pulley

Heavy Duty Pulley

SKE provides Heavy Duty Drum Pulleys and Heavy Duty Wing Pulleys for sale. The heavy duty conveyor pulleys are in a wide rage of applications from cement plants, mines, quarries and ports.

Heavy Duty Drum Pulley

Steel rims, hubs and discs are fused into an integral component by a continuous submerged arc welded bond that maximizes pulley strength, balance and concentricity.

1. 12" to 60" Diameter
2. 3/8" minimum End Disc
3. 1/4" minimum Center Plates
4. Several Hub/Bushing systems available
5. Rolled Rim, trimmed and hydraulically seated around end-discs
6. Submerged Arc Weldment
7. Crowned Face, Flat Face Available Upon Request

Heavy Duty Wing Pulley

The Heavy Duty Wing is an all-steel construction including wings and gussets. It expels excessive build-up of material from the area of belt contact enhancing traction and reducing abrasion of both the belt and pulley.

1. Available in 6" thru 60" Diameter
2. Minimum 3/8" x 1/4" Contact Bars
3. Minimum 1/4" Thick Wings
4. Minimum 10 GA Gussets
5. Unique End Pipe Design, Better Protection Against Wing Folding and Hub-Weld Fatigue
6. Several Hub/Bushing System Options
7. Crowned Face, Flat Face Available Upon Request

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