Coal Handling Equipment In Thermal Power Plant

Coal Handling Equipment In Thermal Power Plant

SKE Conveyor is a power plant conveyor system supplier. We provide coal handling conveyor like belt feeder, belt scale, belt conveyor, tripper conveyor, etc.

In a thermal power plant, there are many equipment will be used to handling coal. We list some main coal handling equipment which is often to be used in power plant.

Wagon Tippler and Side Arm Charger

They can be installed separately or used at the same time. The wagon tippler will load coal into a coal hopper. The side arm charger will help increase the loading capacity of unloading system.

Hydraulic Truck Unloader

The truck unloader is to unload the bulk coal from truck. It suits for place where wagon tippler and track hopper are not available.

Paddler Feeder / Plough Feeder

The paddle feeder and plough feeder are the conveyor belt feeder which are used for extraction of loose material from stock-pile, silo and bottom discharge wagon system.

Coal Conveyor System

The working efficiency of coal conveyor system will effects the processing ability of coal handling plant. It is one of the key equipment. The conveyor system may consist of belt conveyor and other conveyor machine.

Magnet Separator & Inline Magnetic Separator(ILMS)

It will help to pick up tramp magnetic pieces from coal over a belt conveyor.

Roller Screens & Vibrating Screens

The screening machine are mainly used for screen of fine , coarse and wet coal. The output sizes are less than 20mm. Coal screening machines are most used in coal crushing plant.

Flap Gate

It is provided in transferring chute to channelize the route of coal. It is equipped with electrically operated actuators.

Rack and Pinion Gate

Rack and pinion gate are used to block the coal flow route require during maintenance work. It consists of a gate frame, blade, rack, pinion gear, pinion shaft, shaft bearings and a manual or powered shaft drive.

Coal Crushers

We can use roller crusher, jaw crusher, impact crusher, and gyratory crusher to crush coal into particles. The roller crusher and impact crusher are mostly used in a thermal power plant.

Belt Feeder and Reversible Belt Feeder

These conveyors will receive coal directly from a loading point. They are provided with full length of impact idlers from absorbing the impact of falling material from crusher and other loading point.

Stacker and Reclaimer

The rail mounted stacker reclaimer is suitable for serving two parallel stockpile, one on either side of the track rails. The machine is designed to operate with a yard conveyor for stacking and discharging at the same end during reclaiming i.e. a reversible one.

Travelling Tripper Conveyor

The tripper conveyor system will be used to feed coal into bunker continuously. The tripper shall have dropping coal both sides of conveyor into the bunker.

Coal Sampling Unit(CSU)

The application of CSU is to collect the sample of coal at regular interval of time.

Dust Extraction System

It is mainly used to increase the air quality in a coal handling plant. It works on the basic of formula of collection, separation and filtration.

Fog Dust Separation System

It will help control the fine dust particle during coal flow.

Belt Scale

Belt weight scale are used for measure of coal flow rate and quantity.

SKE Conveyor is a power plant conveyor system supplier. We provide coal handling conveyor like belt feeder, belt scale, belt conveyor, tripper conveyor, etc. You even can get coal conveyor roller, pulley, and conveyor belt cleaner from our company.

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