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Tripper conveyor manufacturers in China. We can help you designing, producing, installing tripper conveyor for stacking aggregate, rocks, sand, grains, fertilizer, wood chips, etc.

A tripper conveyor is type of belt conveyor used in industries of construction, mining, and other large-scale earth-moving businesses. It is also known as tiered or stepped conveyors. This type of belt conveyor is designed for stockpiling debris, earth, rocks, etc, uphill. In order to keep these materials from sliding back down the conveyor, tall ridges or flaps were affixed laterally to the face of the conveyor belts.

The specifications of tripper conveyor:


The materials can be handled by tripper conveyor:

Aluminum ore, Bauxite, Coal, Copper Ore, Diamonds, Gold Ore, Lead Ore, Limestone, Zinc Ore, Aggregate, Sand, Gravel, Rocks, Mud, Fertilizer, others.

Tripper Conveyor and Stacker for Loading of Bins, Bunkers, Flat Warehouse Travelling Tripper Belt Conveyor for Unloading and Storage of Bulk Materials
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