Municipal Government Leaders Inspect The Project Site Of Iron Ore and Coal Unloading and Stockpiling Conveyor System

On June 21, 2021, the municipal government leaders of Xiangtan City of Hunan Province of China inspect the iron ore & coal unloading and stockpiling conveyor system. They inspire the workers to build a quality engineering for local city.

The leaders talked with project manager and learned environmental protection and safety production measures in site. They were satisfied with our jobs very much.

This unloading and stockpiling conveyor system is designed with conveying capacity of 1200 tons per hour. There are two lines. One is for iron ore, and the other is for coal. After unloading from bulk barges, they will be transported to stockyard nearby port. These materials will be stacked in a shed by tripper conveyor system.

SKE is a professional bulk materials unloading and stockpiling conveyor system solutions provider. Our tripper conveyor system can be used in stockyard of port. If you need belt conveyor and tripper conveyor, you can send me your detail requirement.

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