• KYD Tracked Telescopic Stacking Conveyor
  • KYD Tracked Telescopic Stacking Conveyor
  • KYD Tracked Telescopic Stacking Conveyor
  • KYD Tracked Telescopic Stacking Conveyor
  • KYD Tracked Telescopic Stacking Conveyor

KYD Tracked Telescopic Stacking Conveyor

The KYD tracked telescopic stockpiling conveyor on the market, this heavy duty unit is a unique telescopic stacker conveyor that offer mobility and flexibility for a range of applications including stockpiling and as a variable length link conveyor.

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Our track-mounted telescopic belt stockpiling conveyors are the ideal solutions for heavy duty bulk material stockpiling and ship loading system in different industries. You can install our portable tracked telescopic stacker conveyor in crushing plant, sand making plant , river and sea sand washing plant, leaching plant, bulk material storage and ship/barge loading system in ports and terminals, mine plant, coal washing plant, power plant fuel coal storing, etc.

  • Strong capability of stockpiling / conveying rates

    You can get tacked telescopic stacking conveyor with capability of stockpiling / Conveying 12 inch (-300mm) down crushed or screened material at rates up to 1500 tonnes per hour.

  • Act as a link belt conveyor in mobile crushing plant

    You can install our tracked telescopic conveyor between primary and secondary crusher. It can work as a link conveyor to convey raw material in-plant and it especially suit for quarry and mine.

  • In stead of traditional inclined belt stacking conveyor

    The unique telescoping action allows for a generous conical stockpile capacity of 1345 m3 (2,150 Tonnes). You can use them as stockpiling conveyor instead of traditional inclination belt stacker conveyor.

  • Decrease the amount of wheel loaders and save operation cost

    The wheel loader may take over huge cost in your plant. Using our track-mounted telescopic stockpiling conveyor can decrease the amount of wheel loaders help you save your money.

  • Autmatic discharge stockpiling height and conveyor length

    Your conveying plant can have wide range of operating positions with variable discharge height between 3.5 and 8.8 metres and variable conveyor length between 15 and 24 metres.

  • Less cost on fuel and drirectly bulk material handling

    Double handling of bulk material may waste your money on fuel. Using track-mounted telescopic belt stockpiling conveyor can help you eliminate double handling of material with wheel loaders.

  • Optional dual power: electric and diesel driven units

    Fully integrated Diesel Engine for all functions (Optional Dual power – Electric driven belts). You choose the power driving system of tracked telescopic stacker belt conveyor according to your needs.

  • Environmental Benefits - reduce noise, dust and emissions

    Environment protection is very important for us. Your staffs will not be interfaced with noise, dust, and emissions with dust suppression measures – galvanised / canvas dust covers.

  • Safety Benefits - Less site traffic movements.

    Frequent people’s walking and machine’s moving may cause emergency accident. Your staffs can work in a safe operation plant because of less site traffic movements.

Tech Datasheet
Items Specifications Options for KYD tracked telescopic stockpiling conveyor
Stockpiling Capacity(t/h) 100-1500 Dual power – (Electric & Diesel) Belt upgrades
Materials Sizes(mm) 0-300 (12inch) All Electric Conveyor. (Diesel Track – Electric Conveyor) Dust Suppression Measures – Galvanised / Canvas Dust covers
Conveyor length(m) 15-24 Hardened Steel Liners Fully sealed transfer points
Discharge height(m) 3.5 -8.8 Side Skirting / Anti roll back 250 micron Specification paint finish
Conicial stockpile capacities(t) 2,150 (1345 m3) Radio remote Control others

Note: The specifications and options of tracked telescopic stockpiling conveyors may be different, and the detail tech data may have changed. You can contact with us for more detail info.

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