• KYD Fixed Radial Stacking Conveyor
  • KYD Fixed Radial Stacking Conveyor
  • KYD Fixed Radial Stacking Conveyor
  • KYD Fixed Radial Stacking Conveyor
  • KYD Fixed Radial Stacking Conveyor

KYD Fixed Radial Stacking Conveyor

The KYD fixed radial stockpiling conveyor is widely used in bulk material handling plant. SKE provide fixed radial stacker conveyor system for your bulk materials storage stockpiling management.

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KYD fixed radial stacker systems systems have the ability to carry material such as crushed stone, mine mineral ores, aggregate and sand to create a stock pile placement for bulk material and is typically reserved for further processing or transportation.The equipment can be either fixed or can be designed to slew or move in an arc across your stock piles to create new ones. In some cases, you can change the angle of the boom to create different placement and heights of your stockpiling piles. You can install our equipment in these situations: stacking mine ores in mining and metallurgy plant, storage system of bulk coa material in coal-fired powder plant, raw material stockpiling management system in cement plant, storing river and sea sand after washing processing, public filler piling, stockpiling bulk material in port and terminals, etc.


Fixed radial stacking conveyor

  • 1. Long life pulley, less belt wear, lower vibrating and noise

    Using V-shaped pulley can deflect fugitive material to extend the working life of pulley and lessen belt wear. And constant belt contact reduce vibrating and noise generation by 50 decibels.

  • 2. High quality sealing system

    Prevents material spillage in load zone by maintaining a tight seal between belt and hopper skirting. You can transport material to the destination with less loss and prevent on-site pollution.

  • 3. Guarding units for workers

    Safeguards are essential to protect workers from injury. Our guarding is identified easily with safety color paint. The pained color tells your staffs the position they should not stay at.

  • 4. High efficiency belt cleaner

    Our fixed radial stockpiling conveyor belt cleaner’s scraper blades designed with thicker edge for extra material at crucial point of attack.

  • 5. Return trainer roller

    Return roller constantly guides and centers belt to prevent misalignment, common to conveyors that constantly move. This is important for fixed radial stacker conveyor running steadily.

  • 6. Undercarriage

    Maximum undercarriage support and the most rigid lateral stability. Load sharing hydraulic cylinders add even greater structural support and safety.

  • 7. Raise cylinders with hydraulic lifting power

    Used to raise and lower stacker and are specially designed for safety. Counterbalance valve keeps the raise cylinders from lowering if there is a hydraulic failure.

  • 8. Weighted take-up

    The fixed radial stockpiling conveyor's snub drive pulley with weight take-up helps eliminate belt slippage on high capacity applications.

  • 9. Material sensor

    If no material is present, sensor sends signal to automation program sounding an alarm and disabling conveyor until action is taken. (Not Shown)

Tech Datasheet
Items KYD Fixed radial stockpiling conveyor Specifications
Stacker Length (m) 38 45 54 60
Stockpile height(m) 12.8 14.9 18 19.8
Conical Piles (m³) 4900 20800 36700 52600
Radial rotation angle Stockpile Volume in Cubic Yards (m3)
90°  (m³) 8200 35000 61900 88700
180° (m³) 13000 59200 104600 150000
270° (m³) 18600 80300 141900 203600
Options Dual Belt Cleaner Return Trainer Roller
Weighted Take-Up Belt Scale
Discharge Hood E-Stop
Hydraulic Raise Lighting
Power Travel Radial Receiving Hopper
Tank Heater Galvanized Paint
Crossover Platform Return Rolls
Walkway Others
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