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  • Tubular Conveyor Belt
  • Tubular Conveyor Belt
  • Tubular Conveyor Belt
  • Tubular Conveyor Belt

Tubular Conveyor Belt

We are bulk material belt conveyor system solutions manufacturer, and we are also confident that we are one of reliable tubular conveyor belt suppliers in China.

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We are confident that we are one of reliable tubular conveyor belt supplier in China. Our tube pipe conveyor belt are widely used in thermal power plant, iron ore and steel plant, cement plant, etc, which have high requirement for environment protection. It can be used in conveying many kinds of material in iron and steel plant, mining plant, coal mining planbt, power plant, cement plant, chemical plant, paper making plant, etc.


Types of tubular conveyor belt in conveyor

The tubular belt is divided into two categories: fabric core (plied textile pipe conveyor belts) and steel wire rope core (steel cord pipe belt). The tubular belt of fabric core is made of one or more layers of adhesive canvas which are bonded in a specific structural. The steel wire rope core tubular belt is composed of steel wire rope with a certain distance in the longitudinal direction and transverse reinforcement bonded in a specific structural.

Features of pipe conveyor belt in conveyor

1、Closed transportation in order to prevent materials from overflowing ,drop-down, scattering and mixing with foreign materials from outside.

2、Protect materials from wind, rain, snow and other environmental impact.

3、Can be arranged along space curve (45°-90°) . 

4、Can realize big deep conveying angle (inclination angle up to 30°).

5、Lower noise than traditional conveyors.

6、Can use the upper and lower branch to convey different material

Tech Datasheet

tubular conveyor belt and pip belt conveyor belt

Characteristic of pipe conveyor belt
Rubbe cover performance tensile strength Elongation at break Wear volume Ozone resistance Change rate of tensile strength and elongation at break after hot air aging b%
D 18.0 400 90 No crack -25~+25
H 24.0 450 120 No crack -25~+25
T1、T2 10.0 300 200 - -45~+45
Ozone resistance test conditions: concentration(50±5)×10-8(volume fraction)、temperature(40±2)℃、elongation(40±2)%、time(96)h.
Hot air aging test conditions: D、H Mode pipe conveyor belt 70℃×168h;T1 Mode tubular conveyor belt 100℃×168h;T2 Mode tube conveyor belt 125℃×168h。
Note:D—Strong wear working conditions:H—Strong crack Working conditions;T1—Working conditions with heat resistance of 100 ℃;T2—Working conditions with heat resistance of 125 ℃。
Specifications of tubular conveyor belt
Main Technical Data for Reference
Nominal Pipe Dia (mm) Width(mm) Size of Verlap Actual Pipe Dia(mm) Loading Area at 70% Capability at Speed 2m/s Lump Size(Max)
100 430 115 100.27 0.005 0.005 40
150 600 129 143.24 0.011 0.011 80
200 780 122 186.21 0.019 0.019 100
250 900 215 279.18 0.028 0.028 130
300 1050 158 286.48 0.045 0.045 150
350 1300 201 343.77 0.064 0.064 180
400 1600 244 401.07 0.088 0.088 200
450 1650 237 458.37 0.115 0.115 220
500 1900 330 507.5 0.145 0.145 230
600 2250 330 609 0.205 0.205 250
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